COV KO - Indoor air quality

2012 – 2015

Development of two ranges of innovative devices, one of which is autonomous and the other built-in. This device is an air conditioner that expels no indoor air at all and continuously measures and checks air quality.

This device enables VOCs and odours (most notably from building materials) to be broken down and micro-organisms to be denatured (viruses, bacteria and fungi) in public-access buildings, at-risk confined spaces or new and old housing.


Partners : Brochier Technologies – BMES – ALBEDO Energie – Ethera – Atlantic – IRCELYON – Université Claude Bernard Lyon – Tera Environnement – ENS Lyon


Financing : Région Rhône-Alpes dans le cadre du 13ème appel à projet FUI (Fonds Unique Interministériel)

New lighting technology


In 2015, Brochier Technologies created EFI Lighting, a joint venture with EFI Automotive (ISO TS 16 949) automotive supplier, to develop and market Lightex® in the automotive industry.


Light solutions for interior or exterior large-scale technical and artistic projects combining materials and light.


Functional ambient and emergency lighting solutions in accordance with aeronautical standards (FAR 25 853).


Customised, flexible and refined low-energy consumption solutions for advertising, billboards or events.


Innovative light-emitting or sensor solutions: disruptive technological innovation, improved performance (reduced consumption, compact, etc.), adaptability to extreme environments, etc.


Functional ambient and emergency lighting solutions, for railway transport interiors and exteriors (EN 45 545).


Autonomous, flexible, resistant and compact Very High-Visibility lighting solutions for personal safety and vehicle protection.


Scientific lighting solutions from Lightex® technologies for growing photosynthetic organisms, and UVTex® for air and water decontamination by photocatalysis.


Ambient, functional and emergency lighting for construction needs : light fittings, partitions, life lines, pathway lighting, backlighting, curtains, etc.


In 2014, Brochier Technologies created the spin-off, NeoMedLight, to develop and market medical devices in the field of phototherapy. NeoMedLight is ISO 13 485 certified.